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Safe Trick or Treating

Safe Trick Or Treating

I have one kid who loves running around in the dark with a flashlight and walking up to houses to trick or treat. The other kid…not so much: once it gets dark and the extra creepy costumes come out, she’s ready to head back indoors. If your family needs a not-so-scary Halloween experience, or if you just want to go somewhere you know is safe (and open during daylight hours), here are some great KC-area locations:

October 31 

Want to get the Halloween party started early? There are tons of other safe trick or treat and other family-friendly Halloween activities happening this weekend!

Trick or Treating Safety Tips

If you’re like me, and have to go back for your flashlight every year, here’s a quick checklist of Halloween safety reminders:

  • Prevent the falls: Are your kiddos’ costumes short enough to walk in easily? Can they see well out of their masks? Does everyone have their own flashlight or glow wand so they can see where they’re walking? Don’t let a scraped knee or a ripped costume ruin Halloween.
  • Make sure you can see your child: Add reflectors to dark costumes or candy bags, so you can easily pick them out of the crowd. Or better yet, get them a glow-in-the-dark costume or wig. Of course, glow wands/necklaces/bracelets help keep everyone easily in check as well.
  • Check the candy: It’s always a good idea to check over the candy and pitch any that are cause for concern. Our kids love to help out with this each year; it’s a good lesson to look before you eat!
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