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Indoor Swimming

Indoor Swimming

The kids are starting to get antsy and cooped up from the wintry weather, which is my clue that it’s time to pack our pool bags and head out for an indoor swim.

There’s nothing like stepping into that warm, humid room and watching the kids scramble to get their heavy clothes off and see who can get into the water first. Indoor swimming is a fantastic way to sneak in some healthy benefits  this winter: blow off steam, get in some physical activity, and even sleep better at night. And it’s a great way for the little ones to keep up their swimming practice so they’ll be ready for summer.

Find one of the many great indoor pools  in the KC metro area to enjoy, many of which offer fun extras, like indoor slides, zero-entry depth, and lazy rivers. You can also visit your local community center  to see which ones offer indoor pools.

Above all, we don’t over prepare for the pool. The excitement of doing a “summertime” activity and the easy camaraderie of the kids in the water is usually enough to keep everyone happy. If you want to give your pool time that little extra something, here are some  fun pool games to play  (I’d skip the frozen ones geared for summer!). Or plan out some easy games like submarine races (who can go the farthest underwater in one breath), shark tag, and you’re own biggest splash contest.

Have fun at your own indoor swim session!

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