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Science City: Fun for All Ages

I was talking to a friend recently who was looking for a different inside activity to do with her young children. When I suggested Science City at Union Station, her immediate response was “there’s not very much for my littles to do there.” That was all I needed to plan a small group outing to check out what’s new (or new-ish) at Science City.

The news for parents is good: Science City has noticeably expanded its offerings for all ages; even the jaded middle school kids didn’t want to leave!

Science City for the Littles

  • Every Last Drop water play station (prepare for wet shirts)
  • KinderLab, where little ones can safely build, explore and imagine
  • Simple Machines at Play, an incredible outdoor play area that includes great safety measures so kids of all ages can enjoy
  • KidZone indoor playground
  • DinoLab and Dig Site
  • Plus, sensory tables, lots of space to run around, and most of the activities in the entry hall

Science City for Elementary School Kids

  • Mr. E Hotel, with mysterious delights for all ages
  • The Amazing Brain, testing and delighting all of your senses (middle schoolers liked this too)
  • An incredible sensory table filled with sand and an ever-changing topographical map
  • Giant Lever tug of war
  • Demo Area, which offers a variety of fun demonstrations throughout the day
  • Sky Bike, an unnerving bike ride across a 2-story-high tightrope that doubles as a lesson in physics
  • The Science of Energy, which lets kids test out our connection to electricity through bikes, running wheels and more
  • Nature Center, complete with live demonstrations and animals
  • For a nice break, check out the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium shows throughout the day

Science City for Middle School Kids

  • Science on a Sphere, which gives an in-depth look at the solar system
  • Genetics: Unlock the Code, featuring cool insights into exploring your genetic makeup
  • A variety of “feats of strength” and “prove your intelligence” activities like lifting yourself via pulleys, the giant lever, maze park, and Simple Machines at Play
  • and, of course, Maker Space, which this group could have stayed in for hours to develop their creations

Add a quick stop at Parisi Coffee or the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a sweet treat, and everybody goes home happy!

Check out more pics of our day at Science City on Instagram and Facebook.

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