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Kansas City Pumpkin Patches 2019

Kansas City Pumpkin Patches 2019

We can’t believe it either, but fall orchard and pumpkin picking is already here! Many local pumpkin patches and orchards are opening in the next week or so, and have tons of fun family activities to enjoy with the kids. Hay bales, pig races, corn mazes and petting zoos and more abound in Kansas City’s pumpkin patches, so what are you waiting for?

In addition to the requisite giant pumpkin for our jack-0-lantern, I always like to grab a handful of smaller pumpkins to keep the kids busy with fall-themed crafts and activities, including:

  • Pumpkin painting: This a fun (and messy!) outdoor activity that kids of all ages love. I usually invite all the cousins over and everyone gets their own pumpkin to paint. The older kids come up with magnificent masterpieces, and the little ones have a paint-covered mess. Everyone walks away happy (and possibly paint splattered).
  • Toothpick (or butter knife) “carving”: My daughter came up with this idea a few years ago, and the kids still love doing it. We take a dull knife or toothpick and scratch designs into the skin of the pumpkin. There is something mesmerizing about it, they build up their fine motor skills, and they can keep coming back to add to the design as they get inspired.
  • Pumpkin games: Have a pumpkin rolling race across the kitchen floor, play pumpkin hot potato, make an obstacle course with pumpkins, or do a baby pumpkin toss in the back yard. Adding a pumpkin makes these old standby games a little more exciting. The goofier the idea, the better!
  • Roasting pumpkin seeds: Let’s face it, scooping out pumpkin seeds is pretty gross. Knowing there is a tasty treat at the end makes everyone want to get in on the action though!


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  1. You are missing our favorite Pumpkin Patch ! The Pumpkin Pad in Grain Valley, MO (Jackson County). It huge and grows every year!

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