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Christmas Tree Farms 2018

My husband grew up on a farm, and he has vivid memories of his family’s search for a Christmas tree. His father would fire up the antique tractor (the same one his own dad drove when he was a child) and take all 4 kids on a search for the perfect Christmas tree. The kids rode along in a wagon hitched up to the tractor, making their way around the pasture until they found their favorite tree. Riding in the wagon and cutting down a tree, followed by hot chocolate at home is a memory my husband will never forget.

While most of us don’t live on farms anymore, we can still enjoy the fun of picking our own Christmas tree.

Here’s a comprehensive list of KC-area Christmas tree farms.

And while you’re making plans to visit a tree farm near you, follow these tips to pick the right tree for your home:

  • Measure your space to make sure your selected tree fits. Save the measurements in your phone (or Google Drive) so you’ll have them on hand next year.
  • Look for symmetry and check for bald spots.
  • A full tree is pretty, but get one with some space between limbs to leave room for Christmas decorations.

Most Christmas farms in KC  open the Friday after Thanksgiving. Happy tree hunting and decorating!


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