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Sneak Preview of the New U.S. Toy Concept

As a kid I loved going to U.S. Toy to browse the aisles of toys, toys and more toys.
As an adult, I love going there to get special gifts, craft supplies and birthday party decorations.

So I was intrigued to learn about the new U.S. Toy/Pump It Up concept at its new location in Overland Park at tonight’s grand opening party. The new store boasts all the fun of U.S. Toy browsing, complete with magic shop, plus a Pump It Up right next door for added fun.

What I like about it:

  • More jump time:  Pump It Up now offers more open jump times, and family jump times  every Monday night!
  • Zoltar the Fortune Teller:  Make sure to visit Zoltar in the magic shop. It really talks to you. Trust me, your kids will be amazed.
  • Easy gift access: Since I often end up buying birthday party gifts at the last minute, this new concept will make life a bit easier: I can run next door to grab a gift, then bring it right over for the birthday kid! No more racing in and out of the store to get to the party on time.
  • The popcorn/ice cream stand: U.S. Toy now has a cute little ice-cream parlor-style area with ice cream and several flavors of popcorn to eat. It’s a fun treat for the kids, and a life saver when the kids are having hunger-induced meltdowns. And the popcorn holders are mother approve: Even the littlest kids can hold their popcorn without spilling it (yes, even in the car on the way home).
  • The location: The old location on State Line and 435 was definitely a destination spot. The new store at 120th & Metcalf is right in the thick of things in Overland Park.

U.S. Toy’s grand opening is this weekend, June 1 & 2. It’s definitely worth a visit. You’ll still find all the cool stuff you used to love, and tons more new ways to have fun while your there! You know, in addition to playing with every single toy on your way down the aisles…like my son and his friend did tonight.


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