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School’s Out…Now What?

School’s Out…Now What?

I’ve spoken to dozens of parents over the past few weeks about the impending end of the school year. After getting over the surprise that school is just about over, I’m met repeatedly with “I’m losing my freedom!” or “What am I going to do with them all summer?”

That’s where KC Kids Fun comes into play! We are here for you during the long (or short, depending how you look at it) summer months. Here’s our short list for things to do right now, while the weather is cool and rainy:

Keep ‘Em Moving
The combo of the school year ending plus all the indoor time due to the rain is making my kids stir crazy. Now’s the time to take advantage of one of KC’s Indoor Playzones, Indoor Swimming Pools, or Roller Skating Rinks.  We’re also looking forward to getting out for berry picking and exploring some of KC’s amazing Parks & Playgrounds across the metro!

Chill Out
For the curious kids (yes, the ones who follow you around asking questions all day long), I love heading to the local Library to check out books and enjoy a storytime or two, exploring one of our city’s fabulous Museums, or visiting a Nature Center for that special combo of education meets physical activity.

Send ‘Em to Camp
There are still plenty of awesome camps that can make room for more kiddos, whatever their interests. Check out our extensive Summer Camps listing to find the right one for your kids.

And don’t forget to keep checking our Events Calendar for new and fun things to do all summer long!


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