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Kansas City Farmers Markets

Kansas City Farmers Markets

Many local farmers markets in the KC area are now open, and we are excited to take advantage of all they have to offer!

Here are some ideas to making the most of your local farmers market visit:

  • Know what’s in season: Find the best of the best by knowing what is in season when you’re shopping. This Seasonal Produce Guide makes it easy.
  • Remember the bags – or your stroller: Most vendors offer plastic shopping bags for those of us (like me) who forget to bring along re-usable bags. That said, a big bag or stroller makes carrying the big/heavy stuff so much easier. Even better, keep ’em tucked away in the stroller for your weekly visit.
  • Go early (or late): I have early risers, so we love to get up and get out to the market when things are a little quieter. There is more room to run around the market, we have our pick of the produce, and the kids get lots of encouragement to taste samples along the way. On the flip side, a late arrival means more discounts as farmers make their final sales of the day, the market has a more relaxed vibe, and the kids still have plenty of room to run.
  • Enjoy live music: Some farmers markets offer free live music. Check out your neighborhood market to see their schedule of events and enjoy the free entertainment!
  • Take a bite…or two: The kids love sampling their way through the market, and most vendors are happy to provide a taste test.
  • Check out the unusual stuff: The kids love their tried and true favorites, but we also enjoy new and unusual finds. Sometimes we find a new favorite, sometimes we vow never to eat it again, but at least we had fun trying it!
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