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Celebrate a Safe Fourth of July

Fourth of July is all about fun, but as a mom, it’s one of those holidays that makes me a little more vigilant about keeping everyone safe. Here are some easy tips to enjoy a worry-free day:

  • Fireworks Safety: The safest way to do fireworks is to enjoy one of the many, many area fireworks displays. There are many to choose from, and it’s always a fun way to celebrate the day. However, if fireworks are a must, and are legal in your part of town (click here for a city-by-city listing in the KC metro area), common sense is your best form of defense.
    • Make sure all fireworks are kept a good distance from your house.
    • Use a concrete or other hard, non-flammable, level surface as the base.
    • Never combine fireworks.
    • Always have a running hose or bucket of water on hand.
    • Soak all used fireworks (duds included) in water before throwing them away.
    • Help little ones with sparklers, and keep the sparklers away from loose clothing.
    • Keep pets caged up and away from the fireworks.
  • Swimming Safety: Traditionally, the 4th is one of the busiest swim days of the year. Floaties always help, but keep a good eye on the not-so-strong swimmers. The extra people and activity makes it more difficult for even the best of lifeguards to keep an eye out for each individual swimmer in the pool.
  • Hot Weather Safety: Tons of outdoor time plus extreme temperatures make it tough to stay hydrated. Drink up, and make sure your kids do the same! We have a fainter in the family, so I make sure to ply my kids with popsicles, flavored water and watermelon throughout the day to ward off heat exhaustion.

There are so many fun ways to celebrate the 4th in KC – both day and evening. However you celebrate, make it a great – and safe – one!

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