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A Summer with No Screens

If your kids are anything like mine, it’s an understatement to say that it’s tough to keep them off of screens. While we do our best to limit them, even in summertime it’s a challenge at best!

So this summer, my husband and I committed to getting outside as much as we can (with the kids of course) this summer. Yesterday – our first concerted effort – we headed out to Shawnee Mission Park Marina for kayaking and paddle boarding, followed by a picnic and an afternoon at Shawnee Mission Park Beach. We can’t wait to head back to check out the hiking trails next time!

Our reward: a really fun, relaxing family day where no one asked “Mom, can I get on your phone?”

In that spirit, I hope you and your family can enjoy some off-screen time, whether indoors or out. Some great outdoor ideas coming up this weekend include:


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